Saturday, April 18, 2015

Painting Sons of Horus by Celsork.

 I been painting Sons of Horus for a year and half now, after lots of trial and errors finally found a style i enjoy and its simple and fast for me. Many friends and people in twitter and facebook have ask me how i get the green of my SoH, so i decide to make this post. There are many styles to paint sons of horus, this is just how i do it.

Note: im not a very organize painter so i dont use exact recepies, i just estimate as i go.

Note 2: I airbrush most of the model, (primer, basecoat, highlights and shadows), i thin down the paints with water, flo- aid, and airbrush medium. I use brush for edge highlights and washes.

Also english is not my first language so if something is not clear, feel free to ask me,  

Here are the step and the stuff i use with pictures.

1.- I prime black and some zenithal white primer. I use the white as a guide to where going to highlight the model.

2.- For basecoat i use the mix that forge world publish in the pdf for painting legions.  the mix is  made of  25% Castellan Green, 25% Sotek Green, 25% Dawnstone and 25% Nurgling Green.

3.- For highlights and shadows i mix the original mix and add Menoth White Highlight (P3) for lights and Sanguine Base (P3) for shadows. I change the (P3) paints to this bottles for easier ahndling.

4.- First highlight,  mix of basecoat and Menoth White Highlight.

5.- Second highlight same as the first just add more Menoth Highlight.

6.- First shadow, mix of basecoat with sanguine base.

7.- Second shadow, you have options, add more sanguine to the mix of the first shadow, you can also add coal black (P3), to the first shadow mix,  also you can use black  or brown washes to darken the first shadow.

8.- I finish with an edge highlight with a brush in some places  with a mix of the Menoth White Highlight  and a little  basecoat color.

9.- As a final step i give to the model a waterdown wash of the shade Biel-Tan green, 1/20, its very light,  this wash helps to tone down the green and and blend it better.

Hope it helps out and inspire you to paint more and enjoy this awesome hobby of us.


  1. Thanks for this, Celso. I know I've asked you a few times for this. Great tutorial!

    1. Thank you Star, glad you like it. I was worry since im not that good at writing in english.

  2. Your English is fine, Amigo. Nice tutorial.

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  4. I know you wrote this three years ago, but I just used your guide.
    My Kharybdis is the exact color I wanted. Thank you!

    1. Awesome Indra, glad that it help you. Means alot to me.