Sunday, April 13, 2014

Family and Friends at adepticon 2014.

Here are some pics of my friends and fanily at adepticon 2014.

                                           1.- with David Pauwels and Joe Orteza.

                                        2.- With Rich Erickson, Dave Taylor, Damon Drescher.

                                         3.- With Lisa Stankavich, Brian Sobb and Chris Borer.
                                         4.- With Lisa Stankavich, Rich Erickson, Damon Drescher
                                               and Andrew Grey.
                                         5.- With Damon Drescher, Erika Rimes, Sebastian Archer.

                                         6.- With Hugo Matte

                                           7- With Hugo Matte, Matt DiPietro, Michele Olsen
                                           and Lester Bursley.
                                           8.- With Mario Martino, Chung Chow, Jeff Envenoldsen
                                               and Miranda Bourke.

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