Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some Pics of my trip to Adepticon 2013, in Chicago, USA.

                                          With my good friends Van and Jeff.

                                          A Picture with some amazing people, Joey, Van, Michelle and Jeff.

                                         With the  beautiful girls of the warhammer, Joey Berry and OsirisRising

                                         Hanging out with the cool kids. Chris Borer, Rich Erickson,
                                          James Wappel and Damon Drescher.

                                         With Miranda  "Thewargamergirl"
                                         Group Shoot with friends. Van, Jeff, Lester, Michelle,
                                         Mario and David.
                                         Group Shoot with the GWC group.

                                          The Fashion show of Adepticon, Joe Orteza, Rich Erickson
                                          Damon Drescher.
                                          Picture with my best friends and Roman "Jarhead" from massive voodoo.

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